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Working Hard at the Office

27 Mar

We have a life size cut out of Bryan Loritts our pastor at the office, we took a few fun pictures with it before we put it away…

Bryans legs

My Legs


What exactly qualifies as luggage?

21 Mar

we saw this guy in the Paris airport… if you can’t tell he is checking a hood, and a car bumper…img_2894_2.jpg

I Love Rich Doctors Who Have No Time…

21 Mar

Ashley Smith is a Drug Rep… so needless to say she knows lots of doctors. One in particular has a box at the Forum, and often gives her the tickets because they can’t go to the events. Well she shared the wealth with Lara and I for the Brad Paisley concert. We had a blast. We needed one more ticket just to get in the door and then we could sit in the box, so i have to buy one off a scalper… I mean the ticket office.



Finally went to Graceland…

21 Mar

For Lara’s birthday her dad came in town and wanted to take us to Graceland to celebrate! yeah so… i took lots of pictures. They tell you not to use your flash (beacuse they want you pictures to look like trash) so i kept “forgetting” to turn mine off.


Mirrors on the ceiling


I could have my own private jet


Lara is pretending to be Elvis… and I am a screaming fan


Elvis Bowling Team… who would have thought


I designed those bags!