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Fighting Cavities with Candy…

14 Apr

When I went home recently my mom gave me a bag of suckers… and told me they would fight cavities. Of course I questioned that… they are called Dr. John’s Sugar Free Candy. Basically this dentist in California has developed a formual that kills all the bad bacterial in your mouth,  and continues to fight it for 3 to 4 months all by eating a sucker in the morning and at night for 10 days. Suprisingly the suckers taste pretty good, they are orange flavored, my 3 year old nephew LOVES them. Check out this article on it:

A North County, Calif., dentist says the orange-flavored sucker will change dentistry forever.

Carlsbad holistic dentist Dr. Stephen Lawrence has been in practice for 25 years and says he’s never seen anything like this.

“It will basically change dentistry,” Lawrence said.

He can’t keep the suckers in stock since he started giving the suckers from Dr. John’s Herbal Candy in conjunction with C3-Jian Company to his patients.

“We’re basically becoming a candy store, getting rid of cavities with candy,” he said.

And for a fraction of the cost. Twenty suckers cost $15.

“One lollipop in the morning, one in the evening for 10 days and you’re done,” Lawrence said.

He says the research shows the formula of ingredients will fight cavity causing bacteria from 12 to 27 weeks.

“There are about 500 different kinds of bacteria in the mouth only four of them cause cavities,” Lawrence said. “What you want is a product that goes after those four bugs and leaves all the other ones alone.”

And he says the lollipops do just that.

“It’s using really old Chinese herbal medicine and binding it with new science,” he said.

The suckers contain a natural ingredient found in licorice that kills the primary bacterium causing tooth decay – streptococcus mutans – leaving all the good bacteria in the mouth. The formula was developed by a microbiologist at UCLA’s School of Dentistry.

“The research has been done in the dental schools of UCLA and Loma Linda and found they could stop about 95 percent of the cavities in kids just with the lollipops,” Lawrence said.

Now he says parents won’t have to worry about their children eating too much sugar.

“They could eat a truckload of sugar and never get a cavity,” Lawrence said.


I have just started my ten days this morning… if you want more scientific explanation go to:

If you want to order some go to: Dr. John’s Sugar Free Candies

Bad Move American Idol…

10 Apr

So I am sure many of you caught the American Idol Gives Back benefit concert last night. From what I saw of it they had a great show, lots of entertainers… well you might have seen the last song sung by the contestants, “Shout to the Lord.” I was very shocked at first then became frustrated with it. I found the clip on youtube and started reading the comments… people were very excited that they sang that song and “praised Jesus” but if you watch the clip they took Jesus out of the song. I have sat here for a little while trying to figure out why it has bothered me so much. The only thing i can think of, other than the basic observations that i thought were weird, is that they took Jesus out of the song and then having ben stiller come out after and just start cussing… It doesn’t surprise me about taking Jesus out, but the cussing thing at the end. I have already lost respect for Ben Stiller before seeing this but man… if they really thought that was that funny move it to the middle of the show, not right after you have a 50 person choir come out and sing Shout to the Lord… i don’t get it.

You can see the youtube clip:

-To add to the strangeness the only movement they were doing was the awkward mom chaperone dance from junior high (that just made me laugh).
-Then out comes the “gospel” choir, at least that is what people are calling them because they all had matching robes.
-The song just felt out of place and forced, I know it wasn’t a voluntary song to sing for the contestants. I am hoping that it meant something to some of them.


5 Apr

So after a long day of random work, having ate lunch at 12:30, i get home at 10:00pm and i am pretty hungry at this point. So i talk with Nancy for a second and get some food and put it in the microwave. I go to the laundry room to get something to drink out of the fridge, I notice that Massey (the dog) has followed me as usual… she stops to drink out of her water bowl…which i notice is almost empty so i take it away to fill it…then i notice it is pretty gross and dirty… so i grab the brush in the sink and scrub the bowl…while cleaning the bowl i realize that the sink is pretty dirty as well… so i finish cleaning Massey’s bowl and start cleaning the sink… maybe 5 mins has gone by… I finish cleaning the sink, wash my hands… try and remember why i came in the laundry room in the first place… get my drink and by this time the food in the microwave has gone cold… all because i couldn’t pass by something that needed cleaning long enough to eat my dinner.

This is a common issue in my life, sometimes i cant go to bed because something in my room is out of place, i lay in my bed thinking about it. Or today at the office when i clearly had something to do, i went to get a drink and noticed the fridge was a mess and the drinks need restocking… so i spent 10 mins doing that. Why can’t I be like other people who leave dirt dishes in the sink, or piles of papers on their desk…that kind of thing makes me go crazy. I heard once that organized people are just to lazy to look for anything… i totally agree! On the strange occurrence that i can’t find something of mine and it hasn’t been stolen… it ruins my whole day, and i begin to question my organizational habits and systems… then i wear myself out looking for it. Like one of my backpacks that i let a friend borrow to go to Brazil… I can’t find it for the life of me, i think i remember getting it back. I have literally 20 other bags… but the fact that i don’t know where that particular one is drives me crazy. I still don’t know where it is, and writing this now is making me want to have another go at locating it. I can’t handle that with my clothes so my shirts and pants are color coordinated… but i know a lot of people who do that.

I have noticed that my stress level goes up or down in relation to the cleanliness of my surroundings… now if it is a place i will probably never be again, that is different. But the place i live, the office, my friends house, my car… thats a big one… can’t have that dirty. Here is an example, not so much of stress but not being able to relax: When i was in the 6th grade, so 10 years old. I went to my best friends house to spend the night. Well while my friend is taking a nap (i think, regardless she wasn’t around) I cleaned their living room. Not just straitened up the toys but picked up every piece of trash, every little crumb on the floor, and cleaned the dishes that i found. Now we were home alone, because had her mom seen me doing this she would have gotten super embarrassed. I thought it was more fun to do that than figure out what my friend was doing.

Someone sent me this video once…

i can say that i have been in a situation like this but never gotten up like this guy, i would have made some excuse to get up and just happen to walk by… Sorry for my ramblings i only meant to type that first story for a laugh… but got carried away.

Creative Advertising

5 Apr

Apple made their window appear to be busted just to draw attention to their store.

This is an Ad for Axe body spray… funny but still really creepy. I guess wearing Axe makes people want to watch you go to the bathroom.

This is just stinkin FUNNY… it is an ad for a Gym go figure… i want one of these stickers!!

Along the same line as the last… i think FedEx did a good job with this one… but how do you get the shirt? Do you have to buy it… you pay to advertise?

Please let me find where this is… i want a picture with it

How do you even pitch this idea…

This one was probably a mans idea…

Who spent $ on this…

Let me know if you have any that are better than these….

Columbia’s Logo…

3 Apr

I love Columbia stuff and after working at T Bar M Camps I have gotten a lot of it for free. Well I have some of their socks and I have never noticed this before but… the Columbia logo looks an awful lot like a swastika:


Then I remember reading about a Navy building in Cali that was in the shape of a swastika, but they said by the time they realized it they didn’t think it would be a problem because you can only tell from the top and they had already started building. Little did they know 40 years later a little company named Google would come out with Google Earth… people saw it and threw a fit:


I actually found a picture of their fire escape plan that had been hanging next to the elevator for years and no one said anything, you can imagine it looked just like the picture above.

I have the Worst Handwritting…

2 Apr

I got a facebook message with a link to this photographers web page who does wedding books. Well on the front page is a picture of Ben and Ashley Washer’s wedding book… that i signed. When i put my name in things like that i normally don’t do my signature like for a credit card purchase. I normally print it so the people can actually tell what it says. So i go to the page and see all the signatures and mine is at the top in print… it looks like a 12 year old wrote their name there. From now on i am signing my name, i actually like my signature…So if you get married and see a big R and some scribble next to it, it was probably me.