5 Apr

So after a long day of random work, having ate lunch at 12:30, i get home at 10:00pm and i am pretty hungry at this point. So i talk with Nancy for a second and get some food and put it in the microwave. I go to the laundry room to get something to drink out of the fridge, I notice that Massey (the dog) has followed me as usual… she stops to drink out of her water bowl…which i notice is almost empty so i take it away to fill it…then i notice it is pretty gross and dirty… so i grab the brush in the sink and scrub the bowl…while cleaning the bowl i realize that the sink is pretty dirty as well… so i finish cleaning Massey’s bowl and start cleaning the sink… maybe 5 mins has gone by… I finish cleaning the sink, wash my hands… try and remember why i came in the laundry room in the first place… get my drink and by this time the food in the microwave has gone cold… all because i couldn’t pass by something that needed cleaning long enough to eat my dinner.

This is a common issue in my life, sometimes i cant go to bed because something in my room is out of place, i lay in my bed thinking about it. Or today at the office when i clearly had something to do, i went to get a drink and noticed the fridge was a mess and the drinks need restocking… so i spent 10 mins doing that. Why can’t I be like other people who leave dirt dishes in the sink, or piles of papers on their desk…that kind of thing makes me go crazy. I heard once that organized people are just to lazy to look for anything… i totally agree! On the strange occurrence that i can’t find something of mine and it hasn’t been stolen… it ruins my whole day, and i begin to question my organizational habits and systems… then i wear myself out looking for it. Like one of my backpacks that i let a friend borrow to go to Brazil… I can’t find it for the life of me, i think i remember getting it back. I have literally 20 other bags… but the fact that i don’t know where that particular one is drives me crazy. I still don’t know where it is, and writing this now is making me want to have another go at locating it. I can’t handle that with my clothes so my shirts and pants are color coordinated… but i know a lot of people who do that.

I have noticed that my stress level goes up or down in relation to the cleanliness of my surroundings… now if it is a place i will probably never be again, that is different. But the place i live, the office, my friends house, my car… thats a big one… can’t have that dirty. Here is an example, not so much of stress but not being able to relax: When i was in the 6th grade, so 10 years old. I went to my best friends house to spend the night. Well while my friend is taking a nap (i think, regardless she wasn’t around) I cleaned their living room. Not just straitened up the toys but picked up every piece of trash, every little crumb on the floor, and cleaned the dishes that i found. Now we were home alone, because had her mom seen me doing this she would have gotten super embarrassed. I thought it was more fun to do that than figure out what my friend was doing.

Someone sent me this video once…

i can say that i have been in a situation like this but never gotten up like this guy, i would have made some excuse to get up and just happen to walk by… Sorry for my ramblings i only meant to type that first story for a laugh… but got carried away.

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