Fighting Cavities with Candy…

14 Apr

When I went home recently my mom gave me a bag of suckers… and told me they would fight cavities. Of course I questioned that… they are called Dr. John’s Sugar Free Candy. Basically this dentist in California has developed a formual that kills all the bad bacterial in your mouth,  and continues to fight it for 3 to 4 months all by eating a sucker in the morning and at night for 10 days. Suprisingly the suckers taste pretty good, they are orange flavored, my 3 year old nephew LOVES them. Check out this article on it:

A North County, Calif., dentist says the orange-flavored sucker will change dentistry forever.

Carlsbad holistic dentist Dr. Stephen Lawrence has been in practice for 25 years and says he’s never seen anything like this.

“It will basically change dentistry,” Lawrence said.

He can’t keep the suckers in stock since he started giving the suckers from Dr. John’s Herbal Candy in conjunction with C3-Jian Company to his patients.

“We’re basically becoming a candy store, getting rid of cavities with candy,” he said.

And for a fraction of the cost. Twenty suckers cost $15.

“One lollipop in the morning, one in the evening for 10 days and you’re done,” Lawrence said.

He says the research shows the formula of ingredients will fight cavity causing bacteria from 12 to 27 weeks.

“There are about 500 different kinds of bacteria in the mouth only four of them cause cavities,” Lawrence said. “What you want is a product that goes after those four bugs and leaves all the other ones alone.”

And he says the lollipops do just that.

“It’s using really old Chinese herbal medicine and binding it with new science,” he said.

The suckers contain a natural ingredient found in licorice that kills the primary bacterium causing tooth decay – streptococcus mutans – leaving all the good bacteria in the mouth. The formula was developed by a microbiologist at UCLA’s School of Dentistry.

“The research has been done in the dental schools of UCLA and Loma Linda and found they could stop about 95 percent of the cavities in kids just with the lollipops,” Lawrence said.

Now he says parents won’t have to worry about their children eating too much sugar.

“They could eat a truckload of sugar and never get a cavity,” Lawrence said.


I have just started my ten days this morning… if you want more scientific explanation go to:

If you want to order some go to: Dr. John’s Sugar Free Candies

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