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Memory Lane…

26 May

Thanks to Google I went back to all the places that I have lived to see what they look like now. They all look so small compaired to what I remember…

This is the house i was born in, in dallas, tx our neighbor was a mid-wife:

Then we moved to the middle of no where Virginia… you can kind of see the house here on this land (lower left corner by the lake), this is where we would go for hikes when i was little… i am surprised that we never got eaten:

In this town, when i was there my graduating class was 7 girls, no boys. I thought the numbers may have changed by now but this is what i found:

This is the house in the winter, my dad built it. It took him about 3 years because he pretty much did it all by himself:

And here we are in the drive way, I am the bald one in the back…

Funny Quotes and Sayings…

26 May

After I forgot to pick something up from Kinko’s this weekend before they closed, I had to reprint it and take it into a 24 hour Kinko’s early this morning. I sat and waited for it to be done with time, while i was waiting i was reading these little post-its that you can buy… they all had kinda funny sayings. As I was reading them people were coming to mind that i should buy them for:

1. If you obey all the rules, you miss all the fun. – Katherine Hepburn

2. Doesn’t expecting the unexpected make the unexpected the expected?

3. The grass is greener where you water it.

4. I’m in my own little world, but at least everyone knows my name.

5. Clothes make the man, Naked people have little to no influence on society. – Mark Twain

6. Does running late count as exercise?

7. I’m not messy, I’m organizationally challenged.

8. Is it hot in here? Or am I in hell?

9. You’re not the boss of me, Oh Wait, You are, my mistake.

10. Why Yes, I AM looking for a shoe sale!

11. Masquerading as a normal person day after day is exhausting!

12. Give this your complete attention deficit.

13. I didn’t say it was your fault, I said I wasn’t going to blame you.

14. The future will be better tomorrow. – G.W. Bush

15. I’m not lazy, I’m just pacing myself.

16. We have enough youth, what about a fountain of smart.

17. My blood type is Coffee.

And a few more about cats, that were not funny.

$65,000 is heavy…

24 May

A few weeks ago I helped a friend with some filming he was doing. He rented a very expensive HD camera for a few days that we used. This thing weighs at least 35 pounds. I don’t know how the news camera guys do it. Here we all are posing with the camera:

Back “home”…

24 May

Starting Today I am House/Dog sitting for the Holcomb’s so really it is like coming back home for a while. I do have 3 house mates though, and they sleep on the floor in front of my bed:

My heart breaks…

22 May

I know everyone is posting about Steven Curtis Chapman, but i starting reading about what happen and it made me even more sad:

“Your prayers are needed for all in the Chapman family. This is a family who has so generously loved and given to so many. Just hours before this close knit family was celebrating the engagement of the oldest daughter Emily Chapman, and were just hours away from a graduation party marking Caleb Chapman’s completion of high school. Now, they are preparing to bury a child who blew out 5 candles on a birthday cake less than 10 days ago. These words are unthinkable to type. And yet we trust in a God who was not surprised by this and because of Jesus I am certain through faith in Him we will see Maria again.” (website)

I remembered that his new song Cinderella, he wrote about his 2 youngest girls (Maria being one of them). Here he explains why he wrote it:

And here is the full song:

I can’t imagine what the family is going through, not only did they lose a daughter but that her brother is responsible. The only thing to do is pray for their family that God will be their comfort and peace, and to remember the son and what he must be dealing with. gosh… I know other families are dealing with similar losses, I have been convicted recently of my prayer life and how self focused it is. This makes me think beyond my self

Madagascar snippets…

20 May

I went to Madagascar in March of this year on a mission trip with Downline Minisrites. I have been working on writing a recap letter (took me long enough, i know) but i thought i would share some snippets with you:

It was so cool to go and teach to the Malagasy! They were SO HUNGRY for it. Each person at the conference had been chosen because of their dedication to Christ and because of their influence on their community. I could see it in them during our sessions. They were so diligent to be there on time, take notes, ask questions, and spend time in conversation until they understood EVERY point. I defiantly struggled through my 1st session, I didn’t realize how hard it really was to speak through a translator. But I was able to regroup, pray and be prepared for my 2nd session.

The Malagasy are so loving and so giving. I know you can say that for many cultures in the world, but I hadn’t seen this before. A member of our team gave one of the children a piece of gum, and the first thing he did was rip it in pieces and call all of his friends over to share in the experience. That is the complete opposite of what the kids I know would do. It is not a burden to knock on someone’s door to borrow something, they rely on each other to survive. They are truly joyful givers.

The Morning Commute
There is one paved road in Toliara and it runs 300 miles from north to south of Madagascar. So travel by car is not the most popular. Lots of people travel but cart pulled by Zebu (in the picture below) or by foot. There was a man who attended our conference named Donae, he walked for 3 whole days to get to us. That blows my mind, It only took us 2 days to get to Madagascar, and all i did was sit in a seat.

The Word of God
I own 5 Bibles, one in my car, one at the office, one I use all the time, my teen study Bible… never have I been in a situation where finding a Bible is a hard thing. Well getting a Bible in Madagascar cost 7 dollars, which to them is 3 days wages. Many of the people at the conference didn’t own one. We bought a bunch and got to hand them out to who ever didn’t have one. It was one of the coolest moments of my trip. I got to hand mine to an older lady, as she approached me I saw her trembling, with tears in her eyes she reached out for the Bible and kissed the cover and thanked God for it, and gave me a hug. I was blown way at how she cherished the Word of God like I never had!

My Weekend…

19 May

I had a pretty full weekend, but it was really fun.

Thursday: I went to BBQ fest, I beat this old guy in a relay race (see picture) and got to hang out with some old friends and eat BBQ.

Friday: I worked a little, picked up my roommate, made some returns to Target and then we got Sheridan’s Ice Cream (the best ever). Our friend was celebrating his birthday, so we went to his party where we played Rock Band. It was so funny, because someone has to sing every song, after the song is over it gives you an adjective to describe your effort, well my roommate sang one song and after it described her as “unconscious” it was great! We had all bought tickets for opening night of Prince Caspian, it didn’t start till 10:30 and it was a 2 1/2 hour movie. It was really really good, it didn’t seem like it was that long. It doesn’t follow the book as closely as the first one did. But i still recomend it! When we got out of the movie it was 1 o’clock… very tried.

Saturday: I went to see my old roommates at a Brunch Party, then went to BBQ fest agian and listened to some live music and got a tan, When over to the Berry’s house for an evening of video games. They have a very big family, so all of Shad’s nephews were over, there where 12 of us and we were playing this game on the wii that 12 people can play, it is called Smooth Moves:

It was so much fun…especially with 12 people. Then while the girls were playing Mario Cart (which is very hard on the wii) the boys were jumping over the couch and slam dunking a ball into a fisher price goal, it was actually really funny to watch.You can see the girls in the background playing Mario Cart:

Sunday: Went to church, then went to the Redbirds game with the new camera Fellowship just bought, it takes GREAT pictures. I walked down to the front row with the zoom lens and took some pictures but i kept thinking someone was going to tell me to stop, the lens is pretty big.

Then I spread the word about Sheridan’s again and took some friends out there. We got back home and decided to have a cook out at the guys house. My roommate and i did some gardening for them and we just hung out, and rented the Bourne Ultimatum and left around 11 for bed.