3 May

Now this picture needs a little explanation: So there is this house in Frasier (North of Memphis) that Nancy has taken in as a project to fix it up for her friends who live there. Well it was in real bad shape, and she has recruited a lot of us to come and help. Well i went to help one night and was the only girl so i got put outside (to dangerous inside i guess… you know nails, boys…) The house is so bad we are pretty much gutting it all, the floors and everything, so there is a lot of wood hanging around. The guys thought to make a small fire and just burn some a little at a time, because fires are illegal in you backyard like that. Well that message/idea failed to get passed on to me. So i was asked to fuel the fire a little bit, so i am out there for about 20 mins just throwing wood on this fire. The flame isn’t high and not too big. So i put this one piece of wood paneling (like 9x8ft) right on top of the fire, just laid it across. I thought it would burn slow…well i was wrong. All of the sudden it starts smoking like crazy i can hardly see anything and the smoke has to be noticeable to the entire neighborhood (at least). Then it starts burning… i kid you not that that flame was 15 ft. high. It was higher than the shed next to it and almost level with the house. There is a huge tree next to the fire that, praise the Lord, didn’t burn down. So Hamp sticks his head out the door while me and Justin (the kid who lives there) are outside panicking about what to do, because there is no water since they shut it off to work on the house. Hamp just says…”umm… i think that is enough wood for now” and if you know Hamp you can hear him say it in a smart sassy way. So me and Justin are as far back as we can get because it is so hot, just waiting for the Fire Dept to show up. I managed to get this picture, this is far after the flame when down…it was at least twice this high…

You can see how close it is to the shed and the tree. It was scary and funny at the same time. Justin who is 15 kept saying how cool it was and looked, the poor kid had never been to a bonfire or EVER had a smore, he didn’t even know what one was! I asked Hamp if he could just let this story slide and not tell everyone, and he replied with “Why would i do a thing like that?” so i beat him to it. I figure if i make fun of myself it isn’t as bad.

One Response to “Opps…”

  1. Rick T May 3, 2008 at 4:09 pm #

    Nope. It’s just as bad.

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