Pictures from my phone…

3 May

I took this is on the square in Denton,Tx… for a long time during college the lights for letters “ine” in the word Fine were not working… So the sign read:FARTS









Here we have Massey, Maggie, and Buckley… All belong to a member of the Holcomb family. It would have been a great picture had Massey not moved. You may not be able to tell, but this picture is the product of 5 mins in the garage trying to get each dog to sit and stay all at the same time and look at me. Which isn’t easy with Massey and Maggie who’s names are so close…but aren’t they cute









This is the line outside the Civil Rights Museum on MLK day… it was crazy long but lots of fun to get to talk with the folks in line with us!

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