Memory Lane…

26 May

Thanks to Google I went back to all the places that I have lived to see what they look like now. They all look so small compaired to what I remember…

This is the house i was born in, in dallas, tx our neighbor was a mid-wife:

Then we moved to the middle of no where Virginia… you can kind of see the house here on this land (lower left corner by the lake), this is where we would go for hikes when i was little… i am surprised that we never got eaten:

In this town, when i was there my graduating class was 7 girls, no boys. I thought the numbers may have changed by now but this is what i found:

This is the house in the winter, my dad built it. It took him about 3 years because he pretty much did it all by himself:

And here we are in the drive way, I am the bald one in the back…

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