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Memphis Roller Derby…

14 Jul

Oh Yes, it does still exist and in Memphis of all places. On Saturday night we went to the Memphis Roller Derby. It was definitely an interesting experience, and will probably never go again. I was shocked at the amount of people there, and all types of people…

I went with Nicole, Jamie, and Richard.

I do remember one of the players pulling up the tape on the floor with her skate, they took a time out from the game to fix it. They fixed it with scotch tape… this is a serious game!

Here is a video so you can have a taste of the game:

Movie in the Rain

14 Jul

So i haven’t posted in like a month…so i say sorry to all 4 of my readers. I have been busy being lazy and moving in to my new house (pictures to come).

Back in… i can’t even remember when this was, so… sometime this month there was a cookout/movie watching party in Binghampton. I have a handful of friends there and come around quite often to hang out or have a cook out. Well this time they thought it would be cool to show a movie on the side of one of the houses using a projector. The kids LOVED it. There are like 30 kids always running around and playing on their street, so we watched Fat Albert. Which i had never seen before, it was pretty good.

It started to rain, so we moved the food under someones porch and pulled out the umbrellas for the movie, it was a lot of fun and a great idea for anyone to do in their neighborhood.