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Creative Gift Idea #1

8 Sep

Over the years I have exhausted the “impersonal” gifts for my friends and family. I decided to not only save money but get creative with my ideas, which also makes them more thoughtful. I have quite a few that i have done… we will see if i can track down pictures of them.

1. a Wordle

I used this idea for an encouraging gift. On the Wordle web page you are able to enter text and the site arranges it for you. The more a word occurs in your text the bigger it will be. Like above, the persons name I typed many many times to make it that large. All the words around his name were contributed by fellow staff members and friends. This is a fun web page to play around on. Something else i did was cut and paste a paper i wrote for my Old Testament Survey class, i printed it out and used it as a cover sheet. Here is the web page:


You can see i just typed my name more than the other words so it will be bigger:

He really like this gift, it hangs in his office. It is a good way to involve others in the gift. You can save the file from the web page, i took it to Kinkos to print on a nice thick paper and bought a frame from Hobby Lobby… real easy, try it.

Good Quotes…

1 Sep

Since coming on Staff at Fellowship Memphis I have been collecting quotes that i have heard at meetings, church, in a book. I was cleaning my desk and found them all written on post-its… so here they are, sorry if i can’t remember where they came from:

” What makes a great experience for someone isn’t just a few major decisions but a million small ones.” -referring to the atmosphere we create for our visitors at church.

“The World rushes on…”

“The axe can not boast of the trees it has cut down. It could do nothing without the woodsman, he made it, sharpened it, he used it. The moment he throws it aside, it becomes only old iron.”

“Be ruthless with time, be gracious with people.”

“Movements aren’t started by movements they are started by people.”

“One of the great dangers of leadership is this: We stop doing ministry “out of imagination” and we start doing ministry “out of memory”. We learn how and forget why. We stop creating the future and start repeating the past.”