Creative Gift Idea #1

8 Sep

Over the years I have exhausted the “impersonal” gifts for my friends and family. I decided to not only save money but get creative with my ideas, which also makes them more thoughtful. I have quite a few that i have done… we will see if i can track down pictures of them.

1. a Wordle

I used this idea for an encouraging gift. On the Wordle web page you are able to enter text and the site arranges it for you. The more a word occurs in your text the bigger it will be. Like above, the persons name I typed many many times to make it that large. All the words around his name were contributed by fellow staff members and friends. This is a fun web page to play around on. Something else i did was cut and paste a paper i wrote for my Old Testament Survey class, i printed it out and used it as a cover sheet. Here is the web page:


You can see i just typed my name more than the other words so it will be bigger:

He really like this gift, it hangs in his office. It is a good way to involve others in the gift. You can save the file from the web page, i took it to Kinkos to print on a nice thick paper and bought a frame from Hobby Lobby… real easy, try it.

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