Google added street view to Memphis!

10 Dec

Last year when I planned a trip to Chicago, having never been there before I used Google maps street view to see the buildings so I knew what I was looking for. I then wished we had that in Memphis because it is great for directions and really cool. Well Yesterday they did it, Memphis now has Street View. I found my car:



When you go to Google maps now you can choose any street in the city and click on “street view” or this little man (see picture) and it is as if you are walking down the street, you have a full 360º!

So how do they do it?

Google uses a 11 lens camera that is the size of a softball, it sits on top of a car as they drive the whole city. This is different from Google Earth which uses satellite images. Then they combine it all to one seamless view. Here is the camera:


This is really interesting to me, maybe you aren’t as nerdy as me. I read a post from some guys who got to ride along with Google as the footage was being recorded, this blows my mind… you can play their footage and still do the full 360º! Play with this, hit play and you can drag the screen around… Poplar Mechanics

The camera : It is Immersive Media’s $45,000 Dodeca 2360… to much for me, and i don’t even need it because Google will do it all for me. They hope some day to have dudes like this walking through Central Park, going places the the VW Bug they use can’t go. Can you imagine seeing this guy in a park, it may freak me out a little bit. I Love Technology!immersive-cam-470

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