Won’t You Be…My Neighbor?

23 Dec

So after living in my house since August, we decided it would be a good time to meet our neighbors. I know, it is awful! But we are really good friends with my next door neighbor, Tripp, who owns English Gardens Inc. They do great work, so we at least know one neighbor. But other than that we haven’t met anyone, we have barely seen them either. So one day after our “roomie” dinner, Megan thought it would be a good idea to bake Christmas cookies and go deliver them to all our neighbors. Way to go Megan!

So we put on our button up cardigans (Mr. Rodgers style) and went out knocking on doors. The first two houses we had no luck, we just left the cookies on the door with a note. Then the next house…wow! Our neighbor answered followed by her quadruplets! 4-3 year old girls, she invited us in and we chatted for about 20 mins. It was so fun, she told us that she had actually baked us some cookies once,  but then mentioned quietly that she ate them.


We went to a few more houses and we invited in to another, this family had 4 girls but all different ages. They were all very thankful for the cookies and told us if we ever needed anything to just ask. Besides sharing the joy of Christmas with cookies and a gaining a sense of community in our neighborhood, we got a gift out of all of it, i love these things…


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