The Gospel Continues …

14 May

Check out this audio clip called “Unauthorized Sermon Remix #1: Matt Chandler” put together by Ben Arment and

It is pretty awesome, and gets cool toward the end even if you aren’t from Highland Village…but having grown up there it makes it that much more powerful to hear the progression of how that area of Texas is being reached with the Gospel!

I remember chatting with Matt one day and he mentioned to me that he would be taking the Lead Pastor role at a church in the North Texas area. I asked where, having no idea it would be the small church that i have rode my bike past many many times growing up…wondering if anyone ever went there. Highland Village was not ready for the change about to happen in that little building…

I got to be there for the beginnings. The first few months of the church, it remained small. I used to sit in the front row right next to Matt (which if you don’t like getting spit on, you shouldn’t sit there Haha). I progressively watched it grow. It out grew the parking lot real quick, we were parking in the grass behind the church right next to peoples fences, it had the people in the city talking and confused at the growth, they hadn’t seen anything like it…at a church! It out grew the sanctuary, people were sitting on the floor. Matt would almost embarrass any Member who showed up at a later service because he had asked them all to come to early as to leave room for visitors, he would make them get up and sit on the floor in the front.

Thanks Ben for posting that audio,The Gospel Continues…

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