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New York here I come…? Maybe? Please?

19 Jan

On January 11th, I went to FedEx and mailed my application to the DGA Assistant Directors Training Program. Only to notice later that I misspelled a big word on my resume, I rushed back up there to change it…thankful that it didn’t get picked up yet.

Basically this is a 2 year training program, I would live in New York, get paid, and get placed on movies and tv shows to work with other directors. Past trainees have worked on things like Dan in Real Life, Ugly Betty, Ladder 49, Julie and Julia…yeah not a bad gig huh?

I will be going to New York in February to take a test. After that I will know if I have made it to Phase 2 of the process. I would greatly appreciate your prayers, If you are interested in reading the paper I had to write for the program let me know. I will keep you updated.

The Grace Card coming Spring 2010

16 Jan

The Grace Card was filmed in Memphis, TN in November. I got to volunteer as a Production Assistant for the second half of shooting. CBN came out one day on set and put this together…You can skip the guy at the beginning to get to the story.

I’m excited for this movie to come out, wanted to pass on the story. You can see me walk across the background at about 3:37.

The Grace Card CBN Clip

The Grace Card Offical Website