(insert witty title here)

22 Oct
  • There is a man who walks past my window everyday at 11:15, stops at the same place on the side walk, takes a drink, and moves on. I have named him Jerry.
  • Finally got a pair of TOMS…I’m a believer! Hate that I waited so long.
  • Saw The Grace Card last night. So fun to catch up with the cast & crew. So proud of the end result, praying that God uses it to heal some wounds.
  • I’m reading The American Plague right now, by Molly Caldwell Crosby. Recommend by my pastor, Loving it. Its the story of Yellow Fever and half the book dedicated to Memphis. Love learning history about my city, and it kinds reads like a narrative sometimes.
  • Headed to Women’s Retreat after work today. 60+ women staying in cabins on bunk beds. I love to people watch, and it is fun to see each woman’s unique bedtime routine. Some ladies do crazy stuff!
  • Caught my self saying “Worsh” instead of wash. I thought I had kicked the poor dialect from growing up in Virgina.

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