Family Lineage

26 Oct

I was planning on writing a post called “Lessons from Grandma”, which I will get to. You ever just start typing and it turns in to something completely different than where you were headed? That is kinda what this is…

My Grandma on my Moms side is the only one I ever got to know and spend time with. This is Grandma Laubach:

*Notice the white glove on my grandpa’s hand…Michael Jackson stole his style. Also that my Grandmother, now 80+ has a full head of Brown hair…Thank the Lord!

My Fathers Mom lived in Florida and we never saw her, I saw my grandpa a few times before he died but I was really young. I wish we had gotten to spend more time with them because as I get older I am finding that we have a lot in common.  Here is Grandma Elmore:











My Great Grandfather on my mom’s side, Reverend Dr. William Walter Laubach was a 3rd generation German immigrant farmer. Along with farming he became a naturopathic doctor and was ordained as a Lutheran Minister in1917.

In 1917 most Texans joined the fight against Germany.  The legislature recommended that all books favorable to Germany or written in German be destroyed; and study of the German language was dropped from schools.  There was a brief persecution of German families.  The election codes were amended to stop voting by the foreign-born.   Tradition says that my grandfather was told by the sheriff that he could no longer preach in the German language and that confirmation could not be taught in the German language. But my grandfather continued to preach reaching those in his community in his native language,  the church still has the old German Bible that he used in the early part of the century, which is displayed in the church.

In 1945 he moved his family to Georgetown, Tx. Where he purchased some land and started Christ Lutheran Church. Inner Space Caverns (Laubach Cave) was later discovered on the land. I have vivid memories of the cave as a child.








I know there are some awesome stories of my relatives on my fathers side. Like my 2 uncles who served in Vietnam, one of which lost his leg. My grandmother who started and was the editor of her own magazine in the 40’s. Or my grandfather, Harry Gray Elmore II, who served as a Sea Bee in WWII, isn’t he handsome:









But the person on my fathers side that I’m most interested in is my Great Great Great Grandfather (I think, maybe Uncle, looking in to it) Vice President John C. Calhoun, under both Adams and Jackson. Nicknamed the “cast-iron man” for his determination to defend the causes in which he believed…Slavery. He was an outspoken proponent of slavery, which he famously defended as a “positive good” rather than as a “necessary evil”. His rhetorical defense of slavery was partially responsible for escalating Southern threats of secession in the face of mounting abolitionist sentiment in the North.

It is  a very strange feeling to be related to this man. As I sit here and think about…that is as far as my thoughts go most of the time.  I keep hearing the voice of Pastor Bryan Loritts in my head. He always begins his sermons with a story, I hear him saying “They called him the “cast iron man”…”

All this makes me think about how I use my influence in the things I stand for. I know he was a very influential person, he had to be to get where he got. But I also know he lost.  A quote from the biggest book I ever had to read, Total Truth by Nancy Pearcey, says that “Government does not reflect society, Society reflects government.”

To be continued, I’m sure. Sorry if I have bored you with my ramblings, this is what it is like inside my brain.

3 Responses to “Family Lineage”

  1. Amy Holmes June 2, 2017 at 11:52 pm #

    I found came across your blog while searching online for family information.

    You and I are related! My Father’s Mother, Amanda Laubach Boubel, was your Great Grandfather’s sister. I knew that your GreatGrandfather owned the land Inner Space Caverns is on (under 🙂 ), but I didn’t know that he had been a Reverend and a Doctor. I wish I knew more about my Father’s side of the family. My Father passed away in 2014 and his Mother had passed away many years before that, in 1988. My first child, a daughter, was born the month before my Grandmother passed away. I named her Amanda, after my Grandmother. My Grandmother traveled to where we were living at the time (outside of Dallas) to see my daughter after she was born. I have the sweetest photos of them together.

    • Rosanne June 7, 2017 at 11:27 pm #

      Hey Amy, small world. Most of the info for my family I found on the internet. My Grandma is still alive and remembers a lot. Most of her family is in New Braunfels, TX.
      I didn’t know he was a Dr. either, my grandpa (his son) was a science teacher at a community college.


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