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A Photo’s Story…

19 Nov

I enjoy photography and learning from others on what it takes to take a great photo. Angles, Depth, Focus, Frame, Patience, and so on.  Photos are much more powerful when you learn the story behind them. It is easy to see a news photo and think… oh, that’s what it looks like there. But there is a person behind that camera who has a story. What lead them to that place at that time? What is really going on in this picture? Who are these people in your picture and what is their story?








Well JACKPOT, check out this web page. This is like crack for me 🙂

*Warning: a few of these photos are pretty graphic and could be disturbing

“I would even call to say I’m not calling”

17 Nov

You know how sometimes the last sentence you said kinda echos in your brain? and it just keeps sounding stupider? and you have to say something else to make it stop?

Kinda like in the movie Dan In Real Life (one of my top 10). Steve Carell runs up to a girl who just gave him her phone number and says “I would even call to say I’m not calling.” Which he then repeats to himself with a feeling of utter stupidity.








Or I told the security guard “you too” when he said “have a good flight.”

Cholera News from Haiti

15 Nov

I just received this e-mail from Hosean International Ministries. We have partnered with HIM and have sent 5 trips to Haiti since January. Here is the update:

Hosean International Ministries Update November 12, 2010

Over the past few days, I have received calls from several friends worldwide wanting to know what’s going on with the cholera outbreak in Haiti.  Here is the latest info I’ve received this afternoon:

It is extremely difficult to estimate the true scale of this epidemic now. This is a grossly uncontrolled, unconstrained epidemic of cholera that has exceeded public health capacity to investigate and assess every site reported and every sample received.

People are afraid to help each other as they are afraid of it spreading


Current official stats are more than 12,300 cases and nearly 800 fatalities.

In some areas of Haiti, we have confirmation that in-patient statistics are

under-reported by as much as 400%.  There is no question of under-reporting.  If we assume the case counts are 1/4 the true community load, then we now have nearly 48,000 cases shedding pathogen into the environment.  We believe the true statistic to be closer to more than 60-70,00.

We have confirmed cases in our local hospital in Pignon, our base of operations.  Here is what we have done thus far:

*We have sent cleaning supplies, gloves, and hand sanitizer to the communities of Verrettes, Petite Rivere, St. Mark, and Aquin.

*We have purchased through Missionary Flights International ( about $10,000 worth of supplies such as gloves, IV sets, hand sanitizer, antibiotics that is being distributed to different health centers.

*We have responded to the call for help from the mayor of the community of St. Michel de L’Attalaye and this morning a load of supplies is being delivered-Ringer’s Lactate IV’s, water purifier tablets, gloves & IV sets, and cleaning supplies.

*Tomorrow, we are distributing 350 solar powered radio sets so our radio station can give out correct public health info. to the most remote areas in our listening audience of over 350,000 on the central plateau.

*We have received MannaPak Potato based food from Feed My Starving Children ( these food items are documented to help people recover from acute diarrhea.  As of this morning a truck load is being sent to Verrettes for distribution.  Once that truck returns, we will be sending it out again with the same material to St. Michel.

*We have distributed literature to our congregation and contacts regarding prevention and care during the disease.

Please note, the interventions are being made based on the most up to date information I am getting from my networks on the ground of the needs they relate to me.  These communities are the earliest and hardest hit at present.

What you can do:

1.  First you can pray.  People are very afraid.  Some people in the remote areas are scared to go the hospital because they see the high death rate.  It is an example of “for lack of knowledge my people perish.”  (Hosea 4:6)  Today we have begun a Radio Campaign to educate the communities that we reach about cholera prevention.  (Estimated audience:  over 350,000)

2.  You can help by giving to Hosean International Ministries to help with the outreach.  Here is an example of how your giving would be spent via a pharmaceutical supplier who has agreed to sell us the needed supplies at a very good price.   Therefore, it requires no shipping cost:

1 box of latex gloves (100pr)………………………………$7.50

1 box sterile gloves (50 pr.)…………………………………$17.00

1 box of Aqua tab (water purifier/100)…………………$3.50

1000cc of IV Ringer’s Lactate…………………………………$2.00

IV sets (20 G & 22G)………………………………………………. $1.30

We can get these items along with other meds only with a phone call and it will be delivered to whatever place we want it delivered in Haiti.

Please pray for the Lord’s provision so that we can continue to reach out to many.  Thanks for standing with us.

In His Grace,


Anna Martin

Stateside Coordinator

Hosean International Ministries

PO Box 17668

Little Rock, AR 72222-7668