Velvet Elvis with a Spin

9 Dec

So, I used to work for a Fair Trade Coffee Company called Ugly Mug (under new ownership). During my year there I taught myself how to use Adobe Illustrator by working backwards on some files by our graphic designer. Now, I still call myself a beginner, but got the opportunity to design a few coffee labels before I left on our Elvis Coffee line…yes I said Elvis Coffee. I was digging through some old photos and found this one from my one and only trip to Graceland (once is enough 🙂 Just walking around the gift shop…”Hey, wait a second.” Call me a kid but it was fun to see something of mine for sale. I used paintings by Rock-n-Roll artist Joe Petruccio, so there wasn’t much I could do wrong.

A few months before my debut, we hired an Advertising agency up in Indianapolis called Young & Laramore, recently they did that funny Stanley Steemer commerical. So, They starting thinking, took a trip down to Tijuana and came back with this…A Velvet Elvis with a Spin. I think they are AWESOME!

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