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Best “pick two” illustration I’ve seen

19 Jan

I wrote a post on this a little while back, see it here.

I found this the other day and I think it explains itself, enjoy:

I Beat 360°…again

13 Jan

I Beat 360° again on December 29th, 2010. Here is the first time.

But this time the shirt was signed my Anderson Cooper 🙂 What happens when you win 3 times…not sure but I will find out!

Haitian Day of Mourning

12 Jan

This is a blog post from Pastor Caleb Lucien of Hosean International Ministries. On both of my trips to Haiti this year we teamed with Pastor Caleb to help him serve his country. This is a Godly Godly man, full of integrity, with a huge heart for his country and gives selflessly to serve them.

“I cry over the conditions of a country where selfish men and women are fighting for power; I cry for wanting to do more to continue to make a difference while fighting through a system that seems like a roadblock to everything you try to do.”  -Pastor Caleb Lucien

Pastor Caleb with some of his summer volunteers in Pignon, Haiti

These are his words today, one year after the Earthquake:

Today marks the first anniversary of the Haitian Earthquake. The government of Haiti has declared it a “Day of Mourning” and throughout the world Haitians will take a moment of silence to remember those 400,000 plus who died on that horrible day. It was only this past Friday that across from the destroyed National Palace and next to the Plaza Hotel (formerly Holiday Inn) that they found and removed three more bodies from the rubble of a destroyed home. When I commented how sad that was, someone responded that there are more than 1,000 homes where you would find at least one if not ten bodies within. Sad realities but true! Over the past twelve months it has been reported that billions of dollars have been spent in Haiti. Whether the total is accurate or not, it seems like only a Band-Aid has been applied on a huge wound. Over a million people are still living in inhumane conditions. Through the various tent cities, there are numerous reports of violence, rape and abuse of every kind that are taking place. Several thousands have died through the cholera outbreak, several dozen have died as a result of the election and everyone is asking what else that could possibly happen to our beloved country? The outlook for Haiti may not look too bright these days but we cannot and will not lose heart. We will continue to reach out to those in need. To the less fortunate we will provide each and every one the hope that can only be found through our Savior. Please, take some time to pray for the families that are still suffering and pray that God would continue to raise up servants that will really focus on the needs of those that are suffering. Thanks for helping us make a difference in the lives of so many in the past year.
In HIS grace, Caleb

You can friend Caleb on Facebook for updates.

Photos of 2010

8 Jan

In 2010, I had some amazing opportunities to travel, visiting Haiti, Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, The Bahamas, Amsterdam, The Dominican Republic, and of course the United States. These are my favorite photos from the year:

1. Masai Mara, Kenya: The Masai women during their tribal dance. Love all the vibrant colors. See the men’s dance here and here.

2. Masai Mara, Kenya: We made a friend on safari

3. Lake Victoria, Uganda: This made me think of a Chick-fil-A commerical

4. At the border of Tanzania and Kenya

5. Memphis, TN: Program Directed The Rising

6. Pignon, Haiti: Taught Discipleship to 300 school children at College De La Grace.

7. Memphis, TN: Dressed up like a Grandma for Halloween…Mrs. Mabel

8. Jaquzi Island, Lake Victoria, Uganda

9. Memphis, TN: Fellowship Memphis Senior High Ladies…I mean Princesses! I LOVE these girls, and feel so blessed that God has let me watch them mature into Women of God over the last 4 years.

10. Massi Mara, Kenya: Watching Tom & Jerry with the little Massi…Can you find me? 🙂 Their favorite part was not something Tom & Jerry did, but it was the MGM Loin roaring at the start of each episode.

11. Key West, Florida: Music Boat Cruise…”I’m with the band.”

12. Nassau, Bahamas: Music Cruise stop, we tried to rent one of those boats for a shoot but they wanted a little more than we were wanting to spend.

13. Jaquzi Island, Lake Victoria, Uganda: “the tech booth” at the island church

14. Somewhere, Uganda: These little girls starting following me as I was exploring, they lead me here to there water well. They were so proud of it.

15. Jackson, Tennessee: Opening night of the Unashamed Tour…Trip Lee sharing the Gospel.

16. Port au Prince, Haiti: the crowded streets of downtown one month after the earthquake. Read more about my trip here.

17. Port au Prince, Haiti: How do 15 people tour Haiti you ask…in the back of a dump truck.

18. Myrtle Beach, South Carolina: Fellowship Memphis’ amazing youth group in the off centered photo taken by a random guy on the beach.

19. Port au Prince, Haiti: Love this picture, this ladies face is burned in my memory, it is almost haunting.

20. Kibera, Kenya: the 2nd largest slum in Africa. 1 million people live in a 1.5 mile area. Read more here.

21. Jaquzi Island, Lake Victoria, Uganda: This little guy fell down while the kids were singing and dancing for us.

22. Memphis, Tennessee: We had to bury Massey this November, I miss her so much. It is crazy the connection you can have with a dog. This was her favorite place to be.

23. Jaquzi Island, Lake Victoria, Uganda: Soup Campbell teaching Discipleship.

24. Massi Mara, Kenya: Massi Jackson and Patrick worshiping at church service.

25. Memphis, Tennessee: This is Leonidas, named after the lead character in 300, because some people in our youth group spent $300 on a carnival game to win him. Actually we didn’t win him, the guy just gave him to us cause he felt bad. We took him to church and crowd surfed him when we returned from camp…just a fun memory.

26. Massi Mara, Kenya: Little Massi Men

27. Massi Mara, Kenya: My buddy Jackson with the iPod we left him with…full of Michael Jackson, his favorite. We also left them with a DVD/Projector to use at the school.

28: Massi Mara, Kenya: The oldest woman in her tribe. I bet she is a cool grandma.

29. Times Square, New York: First trip to New York to visit Jessica.

30. Pignon, Haiti: Playing Red light Green Light with the kiddos…they loved it!

31. Port au Prince, Haiti: snapped this from the back of a truck, lucky timing I guess

32. Port au Prince, Haiti: Public transportation in Haiti…and for those who didn’t notice it “Friend” isn’t spelled correctly 🙂

33. Pignon, Haiti: These sweet ladies sat here for over an hour picking out rocks from the beans they were cooking for us for dinner…just chatting.

Excited to see where life will take me this year…Headed to South Africa in March…:)