A Note for Creative Beginners…

16 Jul

I have been a “creative” all my life, remembering back to being  child and making up stories, using things around the house in unconventional ways, doing stupid things and claiming it as imagination…like jumping off the minivan with a umbrella hoping to fly like Mary Poppins. It didn’t work 😦 But, I’ve been a “professional” “creative” for 10 years now. I have recently taken a break from creating as much as I used to. Partly because of a job change and partly because I got burnt out.

I came across this quote on a friends blog the other day. Have you ever heard something that described you so well it freaks you out because you didn’t write yourself? Well that is what this is for me, I am defiantly stuck in this phase. Wish someone had told me this early on to give me a better perspective of what I would face. So maybe this will catch you early…

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