Interview Questions…

3 Nov

I was rummaging through some old notebooks and came across some notes I made before a job interview I had. You are always posed with that awkward question “do you have any questions for us?”

Yes…am I hired?

Ha…Just kidding…that would be nice but its not quite that easy. So here are some questions I came up with that have worked well and normally impress who ever you are talking to.

Questions for the employer:

1. What is the most important thing I can do in this position to make the company succeed?

2. Based on my resume, and what you know of me…what do you think will be my biggest challenge?

3. What historically for newcomers in this business/role has been the hardest to grasp?

4. How can I work best with you? Do you have a specific management style? (be careful how you word the 2nd half of this question, it can come off negative)

Other Questions: *try your best to know these things before coming to the interview

1. How did the company start? Why? When?

2. Does the Company have any specific values and goals?

3. Is there a Board of Directors?


If asked How do you work best, this is normally how I answer:

1. I work best by knowing what is expected of me

2. Giving me the Resources to do it

3. Guide me, support me, and train me when needed

4. Reward me according to the contribution I make to the business (you may not want to show all your cards on day 1 🙂


Good Luck!!

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