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My Candid Thoughts on The Impossible Movie…

21 Jan


These are my very candid thoughts…

The Impossible was an incredible movie…I think. I cried numerous times, was terrified at the realness of the tsunami, and captivated by the story.

I was impressed with the acting of the 3 little boys in the film. They are adorable and you fall in love with them instantly.

The film captures the hospitality of strangers. You see the locals of  Khao Lak giving clothes, aid, and love to those affected by the tsunami, mostly tourist.  These locals, not employed by the government or any aid relief agency, as far was we know…but still felt a need to help those they could…regardless of race.

The hospital scenes are very real, you feel the urgency of the situation. I was in a hospital very similar in Haiti not to long after the earthquake. Now this hospital was a ways from Port Au Prince, but I remember seeing people on hospital beds in the hallways, super crowed rooms, and lots of broken bones. What I saw fails in comparison to the film but made it all the more real for me.

So I greatly enjoyed the film…but…

From the beginning I was slightly annoyed that the film centered around a British family on vacation. Who (spoiler alert) all survive and leave on a empty plane! Then at the end to find out that the family the story is about is actually Spanish. I don’t know why the Director or Casting Director chooses to portray them as white.  Granted it is based on a true story, but then they fly out of the country, on a empty plane, looking at all the people still there in need of help, it was hard to watch.

The oldest son Lucas, in the movie, is my favorite, you see his heart change as the story progresses. At the end as they fly away you see in his eyes that he wishes he could help everyone…at least I thought. If the real Lucas is anything like they portrayed him in the film, what an amazing boy!


There is a scene when Lucas is helping parents locate their children in the hospital, you see him go from room to room shouting their names hoping for a response. Over what seems like hours, he finally locates a German boy who’s dad is looking for him. This was the 1st boy on his list, He tells him to stay there and he will go get his dad, he starts to walk away, then quickly returns and gives him a huge hug. After searching for these people for so long you begin to feel attached, and personify them. Not to mention that Lucas has yet to find his dad or 2 little brothers. It gives hope to the moment, Lucas felt connected to his boy, they were both displaced from their and afraid…I Loved it!

There are many more things I loved about this story, regardless of their truth to the actual story, but I’m tried of typing  just go see it!

**The film is rated PG-13. They show many dead bodies, lots of bloody wounds, a woman’s breast, and a few very traumatic scenes of near drowning, if you have a child afraid of water…I would not take them to see this.