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A Glimpse into a Teens World

12 May

shutterstock_165358493For the past 3 weeks I have been leading a discussion at church called “A Glimpse into a Teens World.”

The goal is to begin conversations between parents and their children concerning things like Social Media, Video Games, Friends, Porn, and TV.

Below I have listed resources mentioned in class, and a edited version of my notes:


Parent Resources: (great weekly podcast) (reviews on movies, books, games…written by people of all ages, they also have an app)

Icebreaker Questions App

Technology Contracts and Rights of Passage Information upon request, e-mail me.

Blogs and Articles:

7 Dangerous Apps That Parents Need to Know About

How to Help Parents Avoid Raising Self-Obsessed Kids

Sex, Lies, and TV Commercials


Cyberbully (on netflix)

My Notes:

These are very un-finished, that is how my brain works, most things are one line stats, if you would like more information on any thing please just ask…



*I do not share or support all views expressed on any of the above linked sites