Can someone else write this for me? I hate “about” pages…

Hello, My name is Rosanne Elmore and I live in Memphis, TN. I will have lived here for 4 years in August. I moved here from Denton, TX to do a program called “Emerging Leaders.” I just finished up my 3 year residency as Media Director at Fellowship Bible Church Memphis.


Somethings that I like: I like to read. I like sarcasm. I like sports, especially College Football…War Eagle! I like things that aren’t lame. I like smoothies. I like dancing. I like driving with the windows down. I like being outside. I like thinking that I can play golf. I like flip flops.  I like thinking of things that I like. I like roses, not because I have to. I like apple juice. I like to make people laugh. I don’t like when people steal my bike. I used to like to ride my bike. I like to read children’s books to people. I like to give gifts. I like being on the lake. I like boats. I like Texas. I LOVE shopping. I like to be by myself sometimes. I like to watch golf, and re-runs of Friends. I like new gadgits to play with. I would like to travel. I like to sleep! I like dogs. I like my MAC. I like hot Texas summers. I like Jeeps. I like to teach myself new things. I like camping. Here is a picture of me as a kid…barefoot on a construction site (typical of my childhood).

One Response to “About”

  1. Kbay Johnson DabomLyketiktik July 15, 2011 at 7:40 pm #

    Awwww . You WERE So Adorable 🙂

    I Love The Part Where You Say ” I don’t like when people steal my bike. I used to like to ride my bike .” Thats Hilarious.

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