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Movie in the Rain

14 Jul

So i haven’t posted in like a month…so i say sorry to all 4 of my readers. I have been busy being lazy and moving in to my new house (pictures to come).

Back in… i can’t even remember when this was, so… sometime this month there was a cookout/movie watching party in Binghampton. I have a handful of friends there and come around quite often to hang out or have a cook out. Well this time they thought it would be cool to show a movie on the side of one of the houses using a projector. The kids LOVED it. There are like 30 kids always running around and playing on their street, so we watched Fat Albert. Which i had never seen before, it was pretty good.

It started to rain, so we moved the food under someones porch and pulled out the umbrellas for the movie, it was a lot of fun and a great idea for anyone to do in their neighborhood.

Apple Music Video…

12 May

I have a bunch of video blogs i normally read on Mondays. The amazing Google Reader makes it very easy. Well on one of them this week i found this video and i thought it was really cool:

The question posed at the end of the video blog was: While I don’t know who did this, it is a young girl in the video so I posed the question on Twitter as to why all these cool, innovative You Tube clips always seem to be done by young people. Is it because they are more creative that every one else? Or is it because they have a lot more time on their hands?

Kuler colors…

1 May

So back in October i went to Chicago for a week to go to an Adobe Creative Suite Conference. It was really fun and i learned a lot. One thing that i learned about in a session is called Kuler. It is a plug in/resource web page for color. the web page is:

It is by adobe, and i use it all the time. If you have a mac you can download the widget and never have to go to the web page.

Basically what it is a post site for color combinations for anything you can think of. If you are creating a flyer and you want to use spring colors, you can search for spring or watermelon or grass or pastel… it gives you all the post that other members have created and you can either download the palate into illustrator or copy the HEX codes. Here is a search i did when i created the “Hope For The Journey” flyer back in January:

I used the American and created this:

That is about all you can do with the widget, but if you go to the web page you can create your own swatches and adjust other peoples till you like them using rules like: Analogous, Monochromatic, Triad, Complementary, Compound, and Shades. It is fun jus to play with it even if you aren’t designing anything. If you are trying to find good colors for you home or to paint your room…it is great! So use it, share it, spread the word.

Creative Advertising

5 Apr

Apple made their window appear to be busted just to draw attention to their store.

This is an Ad for Axe body spray… funny but still really creepy. I guess wearing Axe makes people want to watch you go to the bathroom.

This is just stinkin FUNNY… it is an ad for a Gym go figure… i want one of these stickers!!

Along the same line as the last… i think FedEx did a good job with this one… but how do you get the shirt? Do you have to buy it… you pay to advertise?

Please let me find where this is… i want a picture with it

How do you even pitch this idea…

This one was probably a mans idea…

Who spent $ on this…

Let me know if you have any that are better than these….