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Coming Soon: Hope For Haiti

9 Dec

here is a little peak:

Blessings in Discipleship

15 Oct

I’m always on the look out for ways to challenge my youth girls in their thinking.  I remember what High School was like, ALL I cared about was my reputation. It is hard to see the whole forest when you like wandering with in the trees.  It is hard to think that the choices you make will impact you past the moment you make them…but they do.

I love every kid in our youth group, and we have some sharp spiritually mature kids. But I have worked with Youth for 8 years, and I feel like we are continually fighting against a delayed onset of spiritual maturity. Kids are not owning their own faith until sometime in the middle of college, if at all. That’s a post for another day. But every once in a while God chooses to encourage us in our discipleship efforts, I want to share it with you.

This is a message I sent to mostly my  High School girls, a few Junior High. Read it, the article and then their responses…


Hey ladies,

Hope you all are having the most wonderful week at the greatest place on earth…School!

Well, I came across this very short article, but thought it had a great lesson. I don’t even know these girls, but I am proud of them. This may not seem like a big deal and it probably didn’t get much press, but this is a big thing they did. I don’t even know if these girls are Christian but they fought for what they thought was right even when the adults weren’t necessarily on their side. They didn’t accept the changes that the world was telling them were ok…skimpier uniforms.

They had to go all the way to the school board, this makes me think of the book Mr. Brian tells us about all the time: Do Hard Things. In what ways are you fighting against the patterns of this world and pursuing Godliness even when it is hard? Don’t accept what the world gives you, fight for what you know is right.

Question: After reading the article…if you were on this team and they still required you to wear the skimpy uniforms, what would you do?



Here are my girls responses:

15 year old: I don’t really know what I would do.

14 year old: Not really sure

13 year old:

1 Corinthians 6:19-20 “Do you not know that your body is the temple of the Holy spirit, who is in you, whom you have received from God? You are not your own;you where bought with a price. Therefor honor God with your body.”

The grass withers the flower fades but the word of the Lord stands forever.The board may not have listened to me, but that wouldn’t give me a right not to listen to God. If necessary I’d drop out. I’m responsible for my actions, and I can make an apeel to others, however it’s up to God to change the rest of the teams hearts.

This student was praised by one of our leaders, to which she responded:

Don’t make much of me. God uses weak people like David or else he wouldn’t be using me. I pray God’s word would come through me, not mine. Glory to God. I only know what God has revealed to me.

The Infectious Church…

21 May

In case you missed it on Sunday, here is my favorite part of Pastor Loritts’ sermon

Picture 4

The Gospel Continues …

14 May

Check out this audio clip called “Unauthorized Sermon Remix #1: Matt Chandler” put together by Ben Arment and

It is pretty awesome, and gets cool toward the end even if you aren’t from Highland Village…but having grown up there it makes it that much more powerful to hear the progression of how that area of Texas is being reached with the Gospel!

I remember chatting with Matt one day and he mentioned to me that he would be taking the Lead Pastor role at a church in the North Texas area. I asked where, having no idea it would be the small church that i have rode my bike past many many times growing up…wondering if anyone ever went there. Highland Village was not ready for the change about to happen in that little building…

I got to be there for the beginnings. The first few months of the church, it remained small. I used to sit in the front row right next to Matt (which if you don’t like getting spit on, you shouldn’t sit there Haha). I progressively watched it grow. It out grew the parking lot real quick, we were parking in the grass behind the church right next to peoples fences, it had the people in the city talking and confused at the growth, they hadn’t seen anything like it…at a church! It out grew the sanctuary, people were sitting on the floor. Matt would almost embarrass any Member who showed up at a later service because he had asked them all to come to early as to leave room for visitors, he would make them get up and sit on the floor in the front.

Thanks Ben for posting that audio,The Gospel Continues…

Madagascar snippets…

20 May

I went to Madagascar in March of this year on a mission trip with Downline Minisrites. I have been working on writing a recap letter (took me long enough, i know) but i thought i would share some snippets with you:

It was so cool to go and teach to the Malagasy! They were SO HUNGRY for it. Each person at the conference had been chosen because of their dedication to Christ and because of their influence on their community. I could see it in them during our sessions. They were so diligent to be there on time, take notes, ask questions, and spend time in conversation until they understood EVERY point. I defiantly struggled through my 1st session, I didn’t realize how hard it really was to speak through a translator. But I was able to regroup, pray and be prepared for my 2nd session.

The Malagasy are so loving and so giving. I know you can say that for many cultures in the world, but I hadn’t seen this before. A member of our team gave one of the children a piece of gum, and the first thing he did was rip it in pieces and call all of his friends over to share in the experience. That is the complete opposite of what the kids I know would do. It is not a burden to knock on someone’s door to borrow something, they rely on each other to survive. They are truly joyful givers.

The Morning Commute
There is one paved road in Toliara and it runs 300 miles from north to south of Madagascar. So travel by car is not the most popular. Lots of people travel but cart pulled by Zebu (in the picture below) or by foot. There was a man who attended our conference named Donae, he walked for 3 whole days to get to us. That blows my mind, It only took us 2 days to get to Madagascar, and all i did was sit in a seat.

The Word of God
I own 5 Bibles, one in my car, one at the office, one I use all the time, my teen study Bible… never have I been in a situation where finding a Bible is a hard thing. Well getting a Bible in Madagascar cost 7 dollars, which to them is 3 days wages. Many of the people at the conference didn’t own one. We bought a bunch and got to hand them out to who ever didn’t have one. It was one of the coolest moments of my trip. I got to hand mine to an older lady, as she approached me I saw her trembling, with tears in her eyes she reached out for the Bible and kissed the cover and thanked God for it, and gave me a hug. I was blown way at how she cherished the Word of God like I never had!

The Great Commission… 37 years

19 May

This is something i made for Downline Ministries: