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What Can We Learn From The Porcupine?

24 Sep

Have you ever seen a baby porcupine? So Cute…















Well it was the coldest winter ever.  Many animals died because of the cold. The porcupines, realizing the situation, decided to group together to keep warm. This way they covered and protected themselves; but the quills of each one wounded their closest companions.

After awhile, they decided to distance themselves one from the other and they began to die, alone and frozen. So they had to make a choice: either accept the quills of their companions or disappear from the Earth.

Wisely, they decided to go back to being together. They learned to live with the little wounds caused by the close relationship with their companions in order to receive the heat that came from the others. This way they were able to survive.

The best relationship is not the one that brings together perfect people, but when each individual learns to live with the imperfections of others and can admire the other person’s good qualities.

The moral of the story is to learn to live with the pricks in your life!

No Live Camels, Please!

20 Dec

Wow…I can’t help but laugh and feel bad for the people crushed and the guy walking the camel who had NO idea what to do:

Should I Have A Cookie?

16 Dec

This is my kinda chart, feel free to share with your cookie lovin’ friends!

Witty not spelled with an H

22 Oct

So I’m the worst speller ever, and often doubt myself on the spelling of simple words. Like today, I wanted to spell Witty and wondered it it had a H. So I went to my trusty friend, Google…and It doesn’t. But upon my search I stumbled on a Wiki How titled ” How to have a Witty Conversation.”

This is my favorite part:

4. Use metaphors. Let’s say someone says, out of the blue, “It’s 6 o’clock!” You can say “Thank you, Big Ben!” (“Big Ben” is a nickname for a giant bell in a clock in London.) This is a particularly sarcastic example, because you’re also implying (by saying “thank you”) that you didn’t care to know what time it was (because you’re obviously not thankful!) but not all metaphors have to be sarcastic. Describing a messy desk, for instance, as the “North Pacific Gyre”[2] is a witty and creative way to say it’s quite messy. You can also use witty metaphors to compliment or admire someone.
It made me laugh, just thought I would pass it on:

Eternal Moonwalk

11 Jul

Picture 2

This is a really great idea someone had and it has worked.

Eternal Moonwalk is exactly what it sounds…it is 10 second clips from people all over the world doing the moonwalk.

I watched for 15 mins before i saw anyone from America.

You can also search for anyone or anywhere and it puts it in the lineup for you. I am working on my video, keep a look out.


13 Dec

I wonder if she will regret this…


Funny Quotes and Sayings…

26 May

After I forgot to pick something up from Kinko’s this weekend before they closed, I had to reprint it and take it into a 24 hour Kinko’s early this morning. I sat and waited for it to be done with time, while i was waiting i was reading these little post-its that you can buy… they all had kinda funny sayings. As I was reading them people were coming to mind that i should buy them for:

1. If you obey all the rules, you miss all the fun. – Katherine Hepburn

2. Doesn’t expecting the unexpected make the unexpected the expected?

3. The grass is greener where you water it.

4. I’m in my own little world, but at least everyone knows my name.

5. Clothes make the man, Naked people have little to no influence on society. – Mark Twain

6. Does running late count as exercise?

7. I’m not messy, I’m organizationally challenged.

8. Is it hot in here? Or am I in hell?

9. You’re not the boss of me, Oh Wait, You are, my mistake.

10. Why Yes, I AM looking for a shoe sale!

11. Masquerading as a normal person day after day is exhausting!

12. Give this your complete attention deficit.

13. I didn’t say it was your fault, I said I wasn’t going to blame you.

14. The future will be better tomorrow. – G.W. Bush

15. I’m not lazy, I’m just pacing myself.

16. We have enough youth, what about a fountain of smart.

17. My blood type is Coffee.

And a few more about cats, that were not funny.