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A Note for Creative Beginners…

16 Jul

I have been a “creative” all my life, remembering back to being  child and making up stories, using things around the house in unconventional ways, doing stupid things and claiming it as imagination…like jumping off the minivan with a umbrella hoping to fly like Mary Poppins. It didn’t work 😦 But, I’ve been a “professional” “creative” for 10 years now. I have recently taken a break from creating as much as I used to. Partly because of a job change and partly because I got burnt out.

I came across this quote on a friends blog the other day. Have you ever heard something that described you so well it freaks you out because you didn’t write yourself? Well that is what this is for me, I am defiantly stuck in this phase. Wish someone had told me this early on to give me a better perspective of what I would face. So maybe this will catch you early…

Best “pick two” illustration I’ve seen

19 Jan

I wrote a post on this a little while back, see it here.

I found this the other day and I think it explains itself, enjoy:

Creative Gift Idea #1

8 Sep

Over the years I have exhausted the “impersonal” gifts for my friends and family. I decided to not only save money but get creative with my ideas, which also makes them more thoughtful. I have quite a few that i have done… we will see if i can track down pictures of them.

1. a Wordle

I used this idea for an encouraging gift. On the Wordle web page you are able to enter text and the site arranges it for you. The more a word occurs in your text the bigger it will be. Like above, the persons name I typed many many times to make it that large. All the words around his name were contributed by fellow staff members and friends. This is a fun web page to play around on. Something else i did was cut and paste a paper i wrote for my Old Testament Survey class, i printed it out and used it as a cover sheet. Here is the web page:


You can see i just typed my name more than the other words so it will be bigger:

He really like this gift, it hangs in his office. It is a good way to involve others in the gift. You can save the file from the web page, i took it to Kinkos to print on a nice thick paper and bought a frame from Hobby Lobby… real easy, try it.

Kuler colors…

1 May

So back in October i went to Chicago for a week to go to an Adobe Creative Suite Conference. It was really fun and i learned a lot. One thing that i learned about in a session is called Kuler. It is a plug in/resource web page for color. the web page is:

It is by adobe, and i use it all the time. If you have a mac you can download the widget and never have to go to the web page.

Basically what it is a post site for color combinations for anything you can think of. If you are creating a flyer and you want to use spring colors, you can search for spring or watermelon or grass or pastel… it gives you all the post that other members have created and you can either download the palate into illustrator or copy the HEX codes. Here is a search i did when i created the “Hope For The Journey” flyer back in January:

I used the American and created this:

That is about all you can do with the widget, but if you go to the web page you can create your own swatches and adjust other peoples till you like them using rules like: Analogous, Monochromatic, Triad, Complementary, Compound, and Shades. It is fun jus to play with it even if you aren’t designing anything. If you are trying to find good colors for you home or to paint your room…it is great! So use it, share it, spread the word.

Using “My Colors” on a Canon Camera

1 May

I have a little point and shoot digital camera it is a Canon SD550. Anyway it has a feature on it called “My Colors” it is really cool, if you know how to use it. Most Canons have it standard now. If you go to settings and toggle down to “My Colors” and hit menu you can set the color you want shown. What it does is make everything but that color black and white. Check out these photos i took using it..

In this one i selected the yellow light and this is how it turned out… before and after

This one is a little blurry, but i really like it

Subway in Chicago… here i selected the red light…

Choose the Blue sky in this one…