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Fast, Cheap, and Good… but not all three

3 Dec

I can’t remember how I came across this mantra. It is nothing new, but ever since,  It has been plastered directly above my desk and I see it everyday.

I don’t expect this to be a huge “oh my gosh, WOW” moment for you, but I do enjoy sharing things that have helped simplify my life and helped me work more efficiently…this is one of them. Any artist I would assume has experienced this with their work:

It can be fast and cheap, but not good
It can be cheap and good, but not fast
It can be good and fast, but not cheap

A Film student from California contacted me once with some questions about media and what I would do in certain situations. One thing He asked was “When working on a project, how do you inform your employer or someone over you that you couldn’t accomplish an assigned task?”

My answer:

Hmmm…couldn’t accomplish a task? To be honest, in this industry that really isn’t an option. I either turn down the project because i know i won’t be able to finish it when they need it, or i bust my butt to get it done. Every once in a while you may need a little more time, in that case you have to go off your relationship with that person. If they know you and your work and trust you… you shouldn’t have a problem asking for an extension only if absolutely necessary. That doesn’t look good on your part if you are always late, they will find someone else with your talent, who can live up to their word. Something I have learned is that clients want things: Fast, Cheap, and Good… but you can’ have all three. Keep this in mind when people start giving demands…

It can be fast and cheap, but not good
It can be cheap and good, but not fast
It can be good and fast, but not cheap

Do It.

1 Dec

Movements aren’t started by movements…they are started by people.

Dominate the “little” things

22 Oct

I have been blessed to have sat under some “outside the box” thinkers over the past few years. I’m always asking them questions, Why did you buy that? Why use that company? Why do it that way? I still would have learned from them if I just went with the flow, but I learned so much more by being a part of the process. There are so many decisions made or things overlooked that seem small but have a huge impact overall.

While on staff at Fellowship Memphis one of our teaching pastors Dr. John Bryson would randomly send the residents e-mails with interesting blogs or articles. I kept all of them, for times such as this.  JB sent us the post below and said:

“Read this
Then Read it again
Then Read it again
Then print it and put it somewhere and read it often”

He said to learn to dominate “the little things”, Spend time thinking it through, always over-deliver, Don’t wait for someone else to do it…execute, don’t be so cheap or last minute,  and “you will multiply your effectiveness and influence 100 fold”…wise man that John Bryson and Tom Peters


100 Ways to Succeed #84
If The Envelope Doesn’t Fit, Forget It!

(So Check on the Envelopes.)

My local Starbucks stayed open a few minutes late—and fetched something already put away—to fill my order.

When I handed my other local Starbucks my thermos yesterday morning, they filled it up without question, even though that’s a non-standard order. (I think they under-charged me—a two ventis price for what doubtless was three ventis in quantity. Oh, and they thoroughly washed the thermos before filling it without request.)

My local Whole Foods opens at 8:00 a.m. Several of us were waiting. They opened at about 7:45. And those folks define helpful—I got a full-bore dissertation on various cuts of beef, among other things.

Stanford sent me a questionnaire in prep for my MBA reunion. (# ???) I took some pains to fill it out. When I got ready to mail it, I discovered that it didn’t fit into the envelope they’d enclosed—I tore the questionnaire up and tossed it in the recycle bin. (Ever wonder what’s wrong with MBA programs? Lack of attention to misfitting envelopes! Think I’m kidding?)

Do you bend over backwards to go “beyond the book” to help customers? Do you open earlier than advertised? Are your envelopes the right size?

The 25 companies that made BusinessWeek’s first “Customer Service Champs” list are very, very, very, very, very serious about the “little things.”

And you?
Your team?
Your company?
How do you know?
For sure?
What are you doing about it?

“Big aims” (I believe in them religiously!) are plain silliness without the “little” things executed to perfection—and constantly beyond the “best practices” you designed yourself.

“Little things”—I love the word “fanatic.”

(“Big” keys to “little” things: great hiring practices emphasizing “soft” factors, great and extensive and enjoyable training, fun, celebrations, routinely using words like “Wow,” managers who are out and about, etc., etc.)

The Infectious Church…

21 May

In case you missed it on Sunday, here is my favorite part of Pastor Loritts’ sermon

Picture 4

The Gospel Continues …

14 May

Check out this audio clip called “Unauthorized Sermon Remix #1: Matt Chandler” put together by Ben Arment and

It is pretty awesome, and gets cool toward the end even if you aren’t from Highland Village…but having grown up there it makes it that much more powerful to hear the progression of how that area of Texas is being reached with the Gospel!

I remember chatting with Matt one day and he mentioned to me that he would be taking the Lead Pastor role at a church in the North Texas area. I asked where, having no idea it would be the small church that i have rode my bike past many many times growing up…wondering if anyone ever went there. Highland Village was not ready for the change about to happen in that little building…

I got to be there for the beginnings. The first few months of the church, it remained small. I used to sit in the front row right next to Matt (which if you don’t like getting spit on, you shouldn’t sit there Haha). I progressively watched it grow. It out grew the parking lot real quick, we were parking in the grass behind the church right next to peoples fences, it had the people in the city talking and confused at the growth, they hadn’t seen anything like it…at a church! It out grew the sanctuary, people were sitting on the floor. Matt would almost embarrass any Member who showed up at a later service because he had asked them all to come to early as to leave room for visitors, he would make them get up and sit on the floor in the front.

Thanks Ben for posting that audio,The Gospel Continues…

Good Quotes…

1 Sep

Since coming on Staff at Fellowship Memphis I have been collecting quotes that i have heard at meetings, church, in a book. I was cleaning my desk and found them all written on post-its… so here they are, sorry if i can’t remember where they came from:

” What makes a great experience for someone isn’t just a few major decisions but a million small ones.” -referring to the atmosphere we create for our visitors at church.

“The World rushes on…”

“The axe can not boast of the trees it has cut down. It could do nothing without the woodsman, he made it, sharpened it, he used it. The moment he throws it aside, it becomes only old iron.”

“Be ruthless with time, be gracious with people.”

“Movements aren’t started by movements they are started by people.”

“One of the great dangers of leadership is this: We stop doing ministry “out of imagination” and we start doing ministry “out of memory”. We learn how and forget why. We stop creating the future and start repeating the past.”