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No Live Camels, Please!

20 Dec

Wow…I can’t help but laugh and feel bad for the people crushed and the guy walking the camel who had NO idea what to do:

I Beat 360°

10 Dec

Occasionally I will submit a comment to Anderson Cooper’s Beat 360° blog.  He posts a picture from the day and asks for captions. Who ever has the “best” caption, wins and is normally announced on his show. Well I finally won one, and the funny thing is I though it was one of my worst captions. Oh Well, I won on 11/4/2010.

What do you get? besides bragging rights, they send you a T-Shirt:

But what I was most excited about (lame alert) is that Anderson Cooper would have had to say my name. Well I watched the podcast from that night and NO they didn’t even show it this time, they should some video. I was upset 😦

Velvet Elvis with a Spin

9 Dec

So, I used to work for a Fair Trade Coffee Company called Ugly Mug (under new ownership). During my year there I taught myself how to use Adobe Illustrator by working backwards on some files by our graphic designer. Now, I still call myself a beginner, but got the opportunity to design a few coffee labels before I left on our Elvis Coffee line…yes I said Elvis Coffee. I was digging through some old photos and found this one from my one and only trip to Graceland (once is enough 🙂 Just walking around the gift shop…”Hey, wait a second.” Call me a kid but it was fun to see something of mine for sale. I used paintings by Rock-n-Roll artist Joe Petruccio, so there wasn’t much I could do wrong.

A few months before my debut, we hired an Advertising agency up in Indianapolis called Young & Laramore, recently they did that funny Stanley Steemer commerical. So, They starting thinking, took a trip down to Tijuana and came back with this…A Velvet Elvis with a Spin. I think they are AWESOME!

A Photo’s Story…

19 Nov

I enjoy photography and learning from others on what it takes to take a great photo. Angles, Depth, Focus, Frame, Patience, and so on.  Photos are much more powerful when you learn the story behind them. It is easy to see a news photo and think… oh, that’s what it looks like there. But there is a person behind that camera who has a story. What lead them to that place at that time? What is really going on in this picture? Who are these people in your picture and what is their story?








Well JACKPOT, check out this web page. This is like crack for me 🙂

*Warning: a few of these photos are pretty graphic and could be disturbing

“I would even call to say I’m not calling”

17 Nov

You know how sometimes the last sentence you said kinda echos in your brain? and it just keeps sounding stupider? and you have to say something else to make it stop?

Kinda like in the movie Dan In Real Life (one of my top 10). Steve Carell runs up to a girl who just gave him her phone number and says “I would even call to say I’m not calling.” Which he then repeats to himself with a feeling of utter stupidity.








Or I told the security guard “you too” when he said “have a good flight.”

Important…to some

26 Oct

… Just wanted to make sure you knew.

Tricks from Grandma Laubach

26 Oct

I cherish the time I spent with my Grandma when I was a kid. See her picture here.  I have been blessed with a photographic memory, so I remember those times vividly, more than anyone else in my family. Maybe thats why they are still special to me, because I can literally close my eyes and re-live them any time I want…Kinda like Harry Potter and the pensieve (dork). There are a few “lessons” or “tricks” I use quite often that my grandma taught me:

Trick #1:

Grandma taught me the “sleep with one leg out of the covers” trick when you get hot.








Trick #2:

Grandma taught me that when the straw in your coke keeps floating up because of the carbonation, you turn the tap and stick the straw through and lock it down. Genious…











Trick #3:

Grandma used to put our sweat pants in the dryer for a few minutes on a night when it was really cold…feels so good.









Trick #4

If you leave old records out in the hot Texas sun for a while you can make one of these…









As I remember more, I will share them with you.