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Witty not spelled with an H

22 Oct

So I’m the worst speller ever, and often doubt myself on the spelling of simple words. Like today, I wanted to spell Witty and wondered it it had a H. So I went to my trusty friend, Google…and It doesn’t. But upon my search I stumbled on a Wiki How titled ” How to have a Witty Conversation.”

This is my favorite part:

4. Use metaphors. Let’s say someone says, out of the blue, “It’s 6 o’clock!” You can say “Thank you, Big Ben!” (“Big Ben” is a nickname for a giant bell in a clock in London.) This is a particularly sarcastic example, because you’re also implying (by saying “thank you”) that you didn’t care to know what time it was (because you’re obviously not thankful!) but not all metaphors have to be sarcastic. Describing a messy desk, for instance, as the “North Pacific Gyre”[2] is a witty and creative way to say it’s quite messy. You can also use witty metaphors to compliment or admire someone.
It made me laugh, just thought I would pass it on:

Did You Know 4.0

25 Sep

Last week an update to the popular “Did You Know” videos was released by the XPLANE group:

The fact at 3:41 makes me annoyed!!

Eternal Moonwalk

11 Jul

Picture 2

This is a really great idea someone had and it has worked.

Eternal Moonwalk is exactly what it sounds…it is 10 second clips from people all over the world doing the moonwalk.

I watched for 15 mins before i saw anyone from America.

You can also search for anyone or anywhere and it puts it in the lineup for you. I am working on my video, keep a look out.

Steve Jobs…

16 Jan


…and others at

Won’t You Be…My Neighbor?

23 Dec

So after living in my house since August, we decided it would be a good time to meet our neighbors. I know, it is awful! But we are really good friends with my next door neighbor, Tripp, who owns English Gardens Inc. They do great work, so we at least know one neighbor. But other than that we haven’t met anyone, we have barely seen them either. So one day after our “roomie” dinner, Megan thought it would be a good idea to bake Christmas cookies and go deliver them to all our neighbors. Way to go Megan!

So we put on our button up cardigans (Mr. Rodgers style) and went out knocking on doors. The first two houses we had no luck, we just left the cookies on the door with a note. Then the next house…wow! Our neighbor answered followed by her quadruplets! 4-3 year old girls, she invited us in and we chatted for about 20 mins. It was so fun, she told us that she had actually baked us some cookies once,  but then mentioned quietly that she ate them.


We went to a few more houses and we invited in to another, this family had 4 girls but all different ages. They were all very thankful for the cookies and told us if we ever needed anything to just ask. Besides sharing the joy of Christmas with cookies and a gaining a sense of community in our neighborhood, we got a gift out of all of it, i love these things…


Gallery w/out Walls

22 Dec

Check this out, these guys in France started posting fake street signs up around, that look real. “It’s a collaborative project that takes the work of artists from around the world, in the form of fake road signs, and turns the streets of Lyon, France into an enormous gallery without walls.”


13 Dec

I wonder if she will regret this…