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Velvet Elvis with a Spin

9 Dec

So, I used to work for a Fair Trade Coffee Company called Ugly Mug (under new ownership). During my year there I taught myself how to use Adobe Illustrator by working backwards on some files by our graphic designer. Now, I still call myself a beginner, but got the opportunity to design a few coffee labels before I left on our Elvis Coffee line…yes I said Elvis Coffee. I was digging through some old photos and found this one from my one and only trip to Graceland (once is enough 🙂 Just walking around the gift shop…”Hey, wait a second.” Call me a kid but it was fun to see something of mine for sale. I used paintings by Rock-n-Roll artist Joe Petruccio, so there wasn’t much I could do wrong.

A few months before my debut, we hired an Advertising agency up in Indianapolis called Young & Laramore, recently they did that funny Stanley Steemer commerical. So, They starting thinking, took a trip down to Tijuana and came back with this…A Velvet Elvis with a Spin. I think they are AWESOME!

Fast, Cheap, and Good… but not all three

3 Dec

I can’t remember how I came across this mantra. It is nothing new, but ever since,  It has been plastered directly above my desk and I see it everyday.

I don’t expect this to be a huge “oh my gosh, WOW” moment for you, but I do enjoy sharing things that have helped simplify my life and helped me work more efficiently…this is one of them. Any artist I would assume has experienced this with their work:

It can be fast and cheap, but not good
It can be cheap and good, but not fast
It can be good and fast, but not cheap

A Film student from California contacted me once with some questions about media and what I would do in certain situations. One thing He asked was “When working on a project, how do you inform your employer or someone over you that you couldn’t accomplish an assigned task?”

My answer:

Hmmm…couldn’t accomplish a task? To be honest, in this industry that really isn’t an option. I either turn down the project because i know i won’t be able to finish it when they need it, or i bust my butt to get it done. Every once in a while you may need a little more time, in that case you have to go off your relationship with that person. If they know you and your work and trust you… you shouldn’t have a problem asking for an extension only if absolutely necessary. That doesn’t look good on your part if you are always late, they will find someone else with your talent, who can live up to their word. Something I have learned is that clients want things: Fast, Cheap, and Good… but you can’ have all three. Keep this in mind when people start giving demands…

It can be fast and cheap, but not good
It can be cheap and good, but not fast
It can be good and fast, but not cheap

A Photo’s Story…

19 Nov

I enjoy photography and learning from others on what it takes to take a great photo. Angles, Depth, Focus, Frame, Patience, and so on.  Photos are much more powerful when you learn the story behind them. It is easy to see a news photo and think… oh, that’s what it looks like there. But there is a person behind that camera who has a story. What lead them to that place at that time? What is really going on in this picture? Who are these people in your picture and what is their story?








Well JACKPOT, check out this web page. This is like crack for me 🙂

*Warning: a few of these photos are pretty graphic and could be disturbing

The ♫ in my ears

27 Oct

I get asked a lot about what I have been listening to and what new albums I picked up. So here you go, here is October:

– Lecrae Rehab – was on repeat in my car for almost 2 weeks, Love the song Boasting w/ Anthony Evans

– Bruno Mars Doo Wops And Hooligans -This is a relaxed, lazy Sunday kinda soundtrack

– Brooke Fraser Flags – I was getting tried of hear about this album from everyone, I checked it out and love it the second I heard it.

James Taylor Greatest Hits – Nothing like a little Fire and Rain

– Maroon 5 Hands All Over – I don’t LOVE the whole album, but if you like them you will be pleased

Curtis Mayfield Move On Up: The Gentleman Of Soul – What can I say, I’m an Old Soul

All those and some Beyonce, Clay Walker, and Mary J

New York here I come…? Maybe? Please?

19 Jan

On January 11th, I went to FedEx and mailed my application to the DGA Assistant Directors Training Program. Only to notice later that I misspelled a big word on my resume, I rushed back up there to change it…thankful that it didn’t get picked up yet.

Basically this is a 2 year training program, I would live in New York, get paid, and get placed on movies and tv shows to work with other directors. Past trainees have worked on things like Dan in Real Life, Ugly Betty, Ladder 49, Julie and Julia…yeah not a bad gig huh?

I will be going to New York in February to take a test. After that I will know if I have made it to Phase 2 of the process. I would greatly appreciate your prayers, If you are interested in reading the paper I had to write for the program let me know. I will keep you updated.

The Grace Card coming Spring 2010

16 Jan

The Grace Card was filmed in Memphis, TN in November. I got to volunteer as a Production Assistant for the second half of shooting. CBN came out one day on set and put this together…You can skip the guy at the beginning to get to the story.

I’m excited for this movie to come out, wanted to pass on the story. You can see me walk across the background at about 3:37.

The Grace Card CBN Clip

The Grace Card Offical Website

Eternal Moonwalk

11 Jul

Picture 2

This is a really great idea someone had and it has worked.

Eternal Moonwalk is exactly what it sounds…it is 10 second clips from people all over the world doing the moonwalk.

I watched for 15 mins before i saw anyone from America.

You can also search for anyone or anywhere and it puts it in the lineup for you. I am working on my video, keep a look out.