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Tricks from Grandma Laubach

26 Oct

I cherish the time I spent with my Grandma when I was a kid. See her picture here.  I have been blessed with a photographic memory, so I remember those times vividly, more than anyone else in my family. Maybe thats why they are still special to me, because I can literally close my eyes and re-live them any time I want…Kinda like Harry Potter and the pensieve (dork). There are a few “lessons” or “tricks” I use quite often that my grandma taught me:

Trick #1:

Grandma taught me the “sleep with one leg out of the covers” trick when you get hot.








Trick #2:

Grandma taught me that when the straw in your coke keeps floating up because of the carbonation, you turn the tap and stick the straw through and lock it down. Genious…











Trick #3:

Grandma used to put our sweat pants in the dryer for a few minutes on a night when it was really cold…feels so good.









Trick #4

If you leave old records out in the hot Texas sun for a while you can make one of these…









As I remember more, I will share them with you.